ADL Front Safely Bathe Children With No Strain
The ADL Spa design is perfect for safely bathing children and reducing back strain. ADL Bathing Chair to Tub With Ease
The ADL Spa allows wheelchair users with upper body strength a seat-to-seat transfer or use a transfer board. ADL Wheelchair Clearance For Lifts
For individual requiring more assistance, the cabinet base provides clearance for a wheeled lift.

The newly redesigned ADL Spa collection offers easy access for homeowners with limited mobility.

We have redesigned our ADL Spa line of elevated transfer bathtubs, permitting homeowners with limited mobility to enjoy a safe, luxurious bathing experience. The tubs’ pressure-sealed door slides open, allowing users to transition into the tub directly from a wheelchair or walker, or for assisted entry via a lift. With the improved access provided by the bathtub, residents of all abilities may be able to remain in their homes longer.

The optional jetted system, which includes an Ozone3 Sanitation System, combines a seven-jet hydro massage and a 15-jet air massage. The hydrotherapy system relieves stiff muscles and joints, features rotational jets for additional relief to the feet and lower back, and uses the Syllent water pump, the quietest on the market. The heated air-jet system increases water circulation to stimulate the skin and promote deep healing.

The tubs are available with a right-hand or left-hand opening, and come standard in white with a white cabinet base; biscuit, bone, linen, and almond tub colors are available as upgrades. A range of special-order colors and a selection of 12 wood-grain cabinet faces can be specified for a custom look to match any décor. Additional options include a two- or three-wall surround, grab bars for the wall surround, and a harness and seat strap system.

ADL Spa tubs carry a limited lifetime warranty and, like all Best Bath products, are made in the USA.
  • Fastest fill and drain time available
  • 3/4″ plumbing decreases fill time by up to 30%
  • 2″ drain decreases drain time by over 40%
  • Increased capacity to 70 gallons for improved water coverage for the user
  • Drain position is on the back wall to aid in transition within the tub

To learn more about the advantages of the ADL Spa view the video or visit the Walk-in Tubs products page.