As a composite manufacturing company, we at Best Bath Systems actively embrace our environmental responsibilities, and take them very seriously.

In the United States, composite manufacturing is a $25 billion dollar a year industry, and it's one of the few industries in which the U.S. is more advanced than most competitors abroad. There are 7,000 composite-related manufacturing plants and materials distributors across the country. These facilities employ more than 236,000 people, and an additional 250,000 people work in businesses that support the composites industry – including materials suppliers, equipment vendors, and related support personnel.

Best Bath Systems has a manufacturing process that utilizes polyester resin, polyester gelcoat, fiberglass reinforcements, inert fillers, wood, plywood, and initiators. We continually monitor manufacturing processes that produce emissions, odor, dust, and safety systems to ensure maximum protection to our employees, neighbors, and our local environment.

We meet and/or exceed all regulatory requirements for the state of Idaho and the U.S. government. Additionally, we are involved in our national trade association and have been active in promoting the association's environmental guidelines that exceed current governmental guidelines.

We continually strive to exceed environmental standards by proactively incorporating technology to lower manufacturing emissions and reduce noise. When people express concern about composite manufacturers and their impact on the environment, they often focus on permit levels for volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) A VOC is a category of liquid materials that will burn under normal conditions. When this material evaporates without burning they become a VOC. We are permitted by regulation to emit a level of 245 tons per year. Our emissions for 2008 were significantly less, coming in at 70 tons.

Working with chemicals and solvents is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our operations depend on strict compliance with EPA and IDEQ laws and regulations. We have a close working relationship with the Department of Environmental Quality to receive and utilize current information on regulations, approaches and laws. Daily emissions logs are maintained to closely monitor all chemical emissions, including styrene, that are crucial in composite manufacturing. Our procedures assure minimum emissions of noise, dust and chemical odors.

Best Bath has worked to achieve an excellent safety record, and we are committed to improvements to maintain a safe working environment. We offer annual refresher trainings, a hearing conservation program, and hazardous communication training, among others, to continually educate our employees.